Hot Redhead Gets Fucked & Creamed

(This model was 23 years old at the time of filming)
  Dec 21, 2021


Dear Diary – So my trip to HK was a bust. I got lots of work done while there but I could not find any pussy that would fuck on camera. I did meet up with an Italian tourist but she did not let me film our fuck. After I landed here in Thailand, though… I immediately scheduled a date with a Czech girl vacationing in Bangkok, named Ornella. A super hot redhead gets fucked in this one! She’s a 20yo that fantasizes about being a model but has little outward emotion. She was a tough nut to crack but as you can see today, it was an overall resounding success. It took a lot of work with this girl. Her facial expressions were little help. Even when asking to take a pic of her and explaining that I am a photographer. She did pose in the cafe and she even came back to my place to take more but once I asked to show some more private parts of her body, she put the brakes on. I had to shut down the recording and make out with her to fire her up before this hot redhead gets fucked on camera. She just needed that extra little reason to go all-out with me. This was the ticket, as she was wet and ready afterward. Playing the chase game made me so damn horny that when she finally took me inside of her, I almost exploded. Thankfully her English-language skills were poor, so she couldn’t understand all that nasty talk I dished out while today’s juicy hot redhead gets fucked by me! haha Log in now to watch the whole video. This is a perfect addition to my redhead porn collection.
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