Glasses Sex Extravaganza Drains Every Drop

(This model was 21 years old at the time of filming)
  Aug 23, 2023


Dear Diary – Oh, guys, did I ever strike gold with this horny and nerdy glasses sex kitten! I found this chick online and I convinced her into coming over to do some photos for her portfolio. She told me that she did modelling work before, so you just know that I put the whole “I’m a photographer, I can help your career” move on her. Once she arrived, I told her to feel at home after she sat down… and boy, did she ever soon enough! Once she realized this was about having fun and just letting loose, it felt like I brought her over the threshold on our wedding day. Her clothes soon coming off, my dick between her ass cheeks while standing there in a thong. Soon she even let my dick in her mouth for some steamy oral glasses sex, and her sexy slippery tight pussy was then on full display while she touched herself in anticipation. Damn. This must be what it’s like to receive a horny and subservient mail order bride!

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The whole thing was just too hot man. I nearly lost my sperm so many times. The way this cute glasses sex slut looked kneeling on the floor while sucking my dick in those glasses…. I am pretty sure I trickled out half of my load just by sheer visuals alone. Just watch the images, I can’t think straight right now after this. I must see this girl again! What do you guys think? There’s something super cute about this girl. She’s average but highly upper-end average with eyes hair, tits, pussy, and mouth that makes her oh-so fuckable! Those glasses sex shots in blowjob and posing, I didn’t think I’d like them at first but the moment my dick was in this hot blonde porn amateur’s mouth – I fell in love!

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