Buckingham Palace Guards Experience

  Sep 22, 2021


Dear Diary – The myth about the Buckingham Palace Guards was true. These guards never moved or blinked. What happens if they had an itch? I literally took countless minutes of video in hopes they would prove the myth wrong. You can see my dedication to share my experience with my Euro Sex Diary fans! The guards are like standing starfishes that could seriously fuck you up. A Thick Indian beauty walked by me and man,… she smelled so wonderful! Some of these London girls are average but you never know what special sauces they have between the legs. This is another reason why I do not have a narrowly defined ‘type’ of girl. Anyways, I saw some wonderful statues around town with amazingly rich histories. My goal every day is to bring you the best of my experiences before the hot piece of ass. Some people never get to see London, so hopefully, this is an experience that you get to share with me along the way!

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