Old Man Having Sex With Teen On Vacation

(This model was 23 years old at the time of filming)
  Mar 18, 2022


Dear Diary – Ok ok… I’m not THAT old but compared to this beauty, I’m doubly her age at least. I had another date with wild teen sex star Kristina yesterday and I must say that I am 110% glad that I did – despite how dangerous she is to my pussy-hunting lifestyle! She was super excitable, fun, sexy, beautiful, tight, petite, horny, and just so damn delicious all over again. Watching this old man having sex with teen pussy like this, you can clearly see how she would have really felt like a brand new girlfriend. The amount of horny and fun out of her reminds me of the old times when I would first start dating a girl that had all this pent-up sexual energy. Except, this girl is not shy anymore about going full-slut with a man twice her age that she just had her second date with. I guess being a porn star means there are lots of backed-up sexual juices to let go when not getting it constantly. Or maybe she just really fucking likes me!

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She also had this hand-knit-looking pink little piece on her that made this old man feel hot and bothered. I could hardly contain myself and didn’t even bother using a good camera. I whipped out my cell phone and filmed this all. It’s truly a real BF-GF type sex tape featuring an old man having sex with teen vagina so fine – it needs an award. I feel so proud. She came so many times! And I never came so deep from my balls before yet on this trip. I gotta get away from her… more pussy to nail and can’t be suckholed back into this one over and over again because I’m telling you guys… it’s really fucking good! So good, that when she was masturbating while I came in her pussy, I didn’t even care that this could mean she’s helping with insemination…. so if you guys see her in pregnant porn in the next 9 months, you’ll know why. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she will be… and she’ll have MILK! I love milk tits! Fuck.. this old man still can’t stop thinking about sex with this teen… I need to delete her number. After she left this morning, I took a nice long nap (no old jokes, haha, you’d need one too) and edited the video for you guys after supper time. I’m still feeling super-satisfied haha!
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