Capital Of Czech Republic Fun Walk

  Nov 18, 2021


Dear Diary – After waking up with Jessy this morning, I sent her home. After I posted last night, she started talking about BF/GF type stuff and I had to explain to her that I’m more like a butterfly. I am not interested in settling down. She was sad but was ok with it. Gave me her cell # in case I changed my mind. After that, I took the subway and went for a walk around the capital of Czech Republic. Checked out monuments, local architecture, shops, and of course… all the pussy around town! Some old and ugly, some hot as fuck. All unapproachable. I do keep seeing Asian girls around. Tourists. I just can’t find a way to approach them. Going up and talking to a local is hard enough in public… an Asian girl touring Europe with family or boyfriends? That’s a whole new level of not-going-to-happen.

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I decided that I want to maybe try visiting Madagascar. I know it’s not Europe or the capital of Czech Republic… but I am thinking with European colonial influences in their culture there, I may be able to navigate and find pussy. What do you think?

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