Redhead Girl Fucked In Hardcore Encounter

(This model was 31 years old at the time of filming)
  Nov 23, 2021


Dear Diary – Ok guys, it’s been a grueling few days of behind-the-veil footwork to find some pussy, but I promised myself I would not come back until I did. And boy, did I ever do well this redhead girl fucked on video! I had been working with this girl for over a week and I really put much more work into it. It became frustrating that it wasn’t going anywhere. I also have a couple of others I will fill you in on when it seems more promising. I decided I had to go out and find something. I chose a later time of day to go looking and I happened upon a hot milf in a loose skirt. She was alone and acted more like a local than a tourist. I felt this strong pull towards her and I just had to follow her to see what my chances were.

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After watching her do some shopping, I slowly worked up my courage. This city is so busy, the people all around can be intimidating but I need pussy NOW. I finally talked to her by asking if she knew where the sparkling water was. She was eager to help, actually. I could already picture this readhead girl fucked on my diary here. I then later stayed around outside and casually approached her when walking away and ended up walking together. Of course, if you know anything about me you know that this is my “in” and the rest can all be seen in the video here today. I feel really good about this blind success. Hunting, finding, seducing, and fucking pussy is what I do!
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