Spanish Pornstar Fucked On Hot Date

(This model was 26 years old at the time of filming)
  May 31, 2023


Dear Diary – So guys, remember professional dick-sucker Amira? The second she found out that I was on the plane to Barcelona, Spain, she flipped out and insisted that I MUST meet her Spanish pornstar friend there, named Apolonia. She told me that she is one of the most beautiful girls she knows and made a friendly bet with me that I might have a hard time not getting a boner when I see her pretty face in person. I now owe Amira a dinner because once I saw Apolonia sitting on the bench waiting for me to find her, I was taken aback by how beautiful this girl is. And yes, John Jr was rising! Now to find out if the rest of her is just as pretty. And yes, it damn well was!

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We sat and talked for a bit before going to my hotel room. Once there, though, it immediately became clear that she wanted to fuck. Spanish pornstar Apolonia clearly also enjoys posing and knows all of the moves and views to make me horny. Not hard to tell that this girl is a Spanish pornstar. Once I saw that cute pussy and tight ass under her panties, I had to have her. Apolonia gave me a really good blowjob and I liked how she didn’t mind me going deep into her mouth. The way that she uses two hands to stroke in opposite directions while she sucked, too,… wow. I ended up squirting my sperm on her face in the end, as it felt like the “porn” thing to do. I’ll try to creampie her tomorrow in another Spanish pornstar video. Hopefully she lets me film, it too. She asked to stay the night with me and I am so excited about that!
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