Sexy Brunette Babe Fucks On 1st Date

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)
  Dec 3, 2021


Dear Diary – Guys, this day turned out fucking perfect! Woke up this morning feeling bad about my lack of pussy lately and then it was like the heavens opened up and handed me the gift of a sexy brunette babe in heat. I was out for walk when one of my online dating site contacts replied that she was available today to meet – like right now. I had 30 mins to get to her. Once I arrived, I saw that she was even more beautiful than in her pictures. Wow! Watching from a distance to make sure it was really her, she spotted me from afar and smiled.

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Taller than what I am used to, I was in awe of her standing beauty clad only by a tight-fitting new dress that she bought specifically for our date. I got this flirty and sexy brunette babe interest even further when bringing up my ‘photography’ bit and the idea of trying modeling for me was very tempting to her in addition to her already growing sexual curiosity and flirtations towards me. I felt this was the perfect time to invite her back to my place. We were soon off and I was already unable to keep my hands to myself by the time we hit the elevator. Wow, what a shape on this girl!


After some photos of her beautiful body, I could tell that she was becoming even more excited by the “photoshoot”. Veronica had no problems at all posing sexy with panties shown, ass bent over… wow… dammit… I had to have this sexy brunette babe’s pussy right now!!! Touched her pussy and introduced my dick to her, simply like that. What happened next was purely a perfect brunette porn. Deepthroating and fucking her pussy in every direction. She even sucked my balls. In the end, taking a load of my sperm to her face that left a look on her face that could only be described as utter satisfaction. Btw, Jessy has been messaging me, should I try to bring her back? I think that I will tomorrow.
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