Fucked Standing Up Against Door

(This model was 32 years old at the time of filming)
  Apr 11, 2022


Dear Diary – Good news: More footage of my horny Czech fucking on video! Naomi is back and boy… was it ever fun! She was so fucking horny! Maybe with Europe in the state that it is in right now, getting fucked must be harder than it was before. John to the rescue! Anyways, after picking up my friend at the border near Chelm, Poland (what a long fucking drive OMFG!!!!!) I was settling in for the night when Naomi called up and came by before going out for dinner with some friends. She was in a hurry to get fucked. We both were, in fact, and we fucked standing up right there inside my doorway. After that, we chatted for a bit and Naomi said that she would still like to see me again.

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I think she is starting to catch feelings, so I better start looking for flights out of here! I’m going to bed now, so fucking exhausted. Over 24hours round-trip. First, I should see if housekeeping has any window cleaner floating around here somewhere… hmm, housekeepers.. maids fucked standing up too? No…! I love maids but I’m just too damn tired. Night guys!
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