Professional Dick Sucker Does It For “Love”

(This model was 27 years old at the time of filming)
  Mar 30, 2022


Dear Diary – If nobody had figured it out from the pics I added to the last video, the girl I was talking to is none other than the famous professional dick sucker porn star Amirah Adara. She finally came to see me. This girl has done a lot of porn and what really surprised me the most is just how “normal” she is. I was honestly expecting a sex demon. Well, she is… but there’s more to her than just fucking. She was sweet, smart, and very much enjoyed our hour of conversation over dinner. She almost seemed taken aback when I got to the meat of the reason for our date. But once the thoughts of a dick-desert soon took over her mind, she was more than game to come back to my room to play.

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I was still a little worried this might not turn into the crazy pornstar sex that I was expecting. Once in my room and kissing, though, all those worries changed. She switched right over to her professional dick sucker ways and the truth is… she just could not get enough of my dick. Even a bit of deep throat action, too! Amira definitely used some tricks that she learned from her career but this was also very different because it was not a performance. She was just as into this as I was! The goal was to BOTH cum and we both very much did! Even telling me that she “likes” me and wants to see me more. She invited me to visit her in Hungary and stay a couple of weeks with her. I won’t stay that long (too much pussy to pound) but I am seriously thinking about it! I joked that she’s bound to have some professional dick sucker friends like her back home that might try to take me. She said she knows a few – and smiled at me when she said it. We’ll see. For now, let’s finish this Bali tour and tap every single hot white chick here!
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