Shy Sex Desires Turn Real For Hotty

(This model was 23 years old at the time of filming)
  Jan 24, 2024


Dear Diary – What a fun day today was! A friend of mine in Budapest invited me to go see Eminem in concert with him last week. I normally do not care for this type of music but I do like a few of his songs and I have not seen my friend in a long time. The show was decent and I talked with a few girls in the crowd. One girl, in particular, kept looking at me a lot and shyly flirting with me about shy sex fantasies with older men. I teased that she should be careful or she might end up under an older man at the end of the night. This only made her burst out laughing, so I thought nothing would happen. At the end of the show, she asked me for my #. I gave it to her, not thinking anything would happen as she seemed so pure and innocent.

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A couple days ago, she texted me asking if I was still around and if we could meet. She confessed that she is curious about older men and that she has heard many good things about it. I assured her everything that she heard was true and we decided to meet up today. I explained what I do with Euro Sex Diary and she seemed very curious to do it. That surprised me, honestly. She was saying that it was another one of her fantasies to make a porn. What happened next is purely magical and I fucked that smooth shy sex pocket of hers like I had a lot to prove. For older men all over the world, it was all on me right now to prove what Anna heard about us as right. And I must say, I think both her and I did an amazing job! Creampied her tight hole!

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