Short Dress No Panties Surprise

(This model was 30 years old at the time of filming)
  May 17, 2023


Dear Diary – So I had been talking to professional dick sucker Amira lately and she told me that she had a very sexy friend that she knew I would thoroughly enjoy meeting. She was not wrong, I will tell you that right away. The moment that I saw her on our date, I knew I wanted her. And that’s before I even discovered no panties under her short dress. We decided to go out for tea together to feel things out. Soon, we were flirty and on our way back to my room.

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It is there that I actually discovered that this slut was not wearing any underwear and did not even put a bra on. It’s like she wanted to give me the easiest access to everything for our short dress no panties hookup. It didn’t really take much time at all to get access to it all, either. She soon sucked my dick and I was plowing hard into her pussy. Vicky liked it so much that she had a couple of orgasms. In the end, she didn’t want me to cum in her pussy. That made sense to me since she didn’t come with any panties. She can’t have herself dripping out of her short dress with no panties on for her way home, haha! So, I dumped my ball-load onto her awaiting beautiful breasts. Perfect. Days like this are why I do what I do on my Euro Sex Diary. I’ll forever remember this epic fuck.
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