Short Dress With No Panty Underneath

(This model was 27 years old at the time of filming)
  Kate Rich
  Aug 9, 2023


Dear Diary – I have to tell you about this amazing fuck that just unfolded when this girl arrived at my door in a sexy dress with no panty on at all. She looked so delicious, I damn near took her right then and there.

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On my flight to Asia last week, I got messages from a girl that I contacted while in Prague. Her name is Kate Rich. She’s a model and man, she is sexy and skinny! I quickly did what I had to do for work in Asia then immediately took a flight right back. Man, was I ever tired after all of that. After a single night’s rest, I invited her over to make some photos for her profiles. She never told me she was a porn star but a quick net search clued me in before she arrived… in slutty style. No panties!!! I was going to play this short dress with no panty opportunity for what it is.. a golden opportunity to see how slutty this hot bald pussy can get when I play dumb.

Kate was quite obviously horny and knew this would lead to some fucking. She wore this really short tight-fitting dress that drove me wild. And… like I said, her pussy was bare underneath it. She almost made sure I could see that short dress with no panty in her first poses, too. Soon, I was eating her pussy, feeding her mouth my cock and eventually fucking her until my cock exploded inside of her. Man, this was so much fun and so horny! I hope to see her again. Let’s hope.

Revel in the beauty of the free trailer video showing how I discover she has no panty on under that dress of hers. What a fucking treat! Enjoy! Join my diary to watch the full hour-long movie.

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