European Jewish Local Beauty

  Nov 16, 2021


Dear Diary – After all of the fun had already here in Prague, I have decided that I must stay a bit longer. I want to make sure to not miss an opportunity in a place so big. Maybe I missed something and there’s more European Jewish pussy just around the corner. I also have a few leads that I am working on and I must see these through. I went for a long walk again – wore myself right out. Saw an Asian babe that I REALLY wanted but she was there with her man. The dude made sure everyone around knew that she was his, too. Asshole! lol. Lots of hot girls out walking and doing the touristy thing. There are just too many people around and the people are only paying attention to themselves, the shops, and the architecture around the area. There are not there to socialize with strangers.

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No worry, though, as I was planning to hit social media real hard tonight anyway. Low and behold, I found a good solid bite when looking for a local girl. She’s a Czech girl that lives here in Prague. Works a regular job and I found her from a dating site. She has that typical European Jewish13: look to her, petite, and skinny. Very flirty, too! I asked her to meet me tomorrow and she told me to meet her at a bistro. Hopefully, I have good news for you tomorrow night.

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